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Since facebook enable a very handy feature which is to allow embedding image in chat box, fb users has use their creativeness to generate all kinds of smiley faces since the default emoticons made by facebook is very limited. You can embed photos using the image ID which may look something like [[IMAGE_ID_NUMBERS_HERE]] or you can embed a proifile picture and embed the image with a name instead of meaningless numbers which may look something like [[PROFILE_NAME_HERE]]. The advantage of using chat code is the limitless customization of emoticon but the drawback is it is hard to remember unless you use profile pic and give it a meaningful name.

f9.kiss facebook chat emoticon – easy to remember smiley embed code

Having this idea in mind, a set of easy-to-remember f9 emoticon sets are created by fans to use it without having the trouble memorizing it. You can always make sure that the chat code you enter is correct by visiting the actual facebook page created. This is how you can do it. Let’s say you are somehow sure that there is a [[f9.kiss]] and you want to test it, you can go to www.facebook.com/f9.kiss to see whether the fb page exists and the profile pic is exactly the emoticon image you are looking for. Then you are safe to use it. Or, you can always drop in to our convenient f9 chat codes list as reference. Hope you like it!

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