Cool smiley faces with sunglasses

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8| or 8-| or B| or B-|

Cool smiley faces with sunglasses

Have you seen someone use a smiley face which you think it is awesome? Ever wonder how to make sunglass smiley face on facebook chat? It is really easy. Just tyoe in the code mentioned and it will be changed to the desired image after submission automatically. The 8 or capital letter B is used to symbolize sunglasses. Note that the mouth part ‘|’ is a symbol which can be typed by holding ‘shift’ and hit backslash ‘\’. Do not confuse this with small letter ‘l’, or else it won’t work as you wish. Also, if you type ‘B’ instead of ‘8’, the ‘B’ must be in capital letter since small letter ‘b’ will not work too.

Facebook has a set of common and frequently used smiley faces. The default emoticons can be used in chat session, inbox messages and comments but not in status updates and posts. Just type in the symbols and signs and hit enter. It will be converted into smiley face image automagically. See more original facebook emoticons to express your feeling and mood here

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