Angry smiley face text message

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>:( or >:-(

Angry smiley face text message

Happy, sad and angry are three common emotion and mood that we may have and hence all these are crucial in chat session. Emoticons are made to display our current emotional state and an angry face is one of a facebook chat smiley face too. You can use it by typing the character code given, to show that you are feeling bad, irritated and offended right now. Since the chatting opponent cannot simply see your face to judge, you can use this smiley to show that you are mad. To illustrate, saying ‘I am going offline now =.=’ may imply that you are tired and need a rest but saying ‘I am going offline now! >:-(‘ simply shows that you are offended and do not want to talk any more.

Facebook has a set of common and frequently used smiley faces. The default emoticons can be used in chat session, inbox messages and comments but not in status updates and posts. Just type in the symbols and signs and hit enter. It will be converted into smiley face image automagically. See more original facebook emoticons to express your feeling and mood here

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