What does frape mean on facebook

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What does frape mean on facebook – What is the definition of facebook? This term is more of an internet slang and it consists of two words: ‘facebook + rape’.

facebook rape frape meaning


What does frape mean on facebook - definition

Frape is not a proper English word but rather a word made up by the internet world. Facebook had become an addictive social networking world and people start inventing special word to cater for the activities they do on facebook. Frape is one meaning a person ‘facebook rape’ someone else by logging in to the person’s account behind his or her knowledge and do nasty jobs under his or her facebook account. It is usually due to the fact that the victim forgets to log out or leaving the computer unattended and it usually does not involve sophisticated hacking procedure. People always says their account are hacked but it was their mistake rather than being attacked by true programming savvy hackers


What does frape mean on facebook – how to frape someone or carry out a facebook rape?

There are simply so many things that you can do while fraping and it is all up to your imagination and creativity. The most typical phenomenon nowadays while a person leaving his account logging in while one is away from keyboard is getting fraped by others posting funny, embarrassing and even horny public posts or private messages to acquaintances. The plotter would try to impersonate as the owner and post something astonishing to others in the account owner’s facebook social circle. This kind of frape is frequently effective and the fraping post would usually be bombarded with countless facebook likes and comments. Sometimes, the plotter would leave comments too and laugh about it. The best part, I guess, is to look at the face of the victim when he or she return and finds out what truly happens with a boiling blood.

There are plenty of other ways too other than the same old frape post. The plotter can mess up the entire account by changing all the settings including revealing private content to the public or restricting all the interaction and see when the victim would find out. Blocking and deleting friends are more damaging and the victim might have a hard time restoring the account as before. Uploading embarrassing photos, changing cover photos, liking random humiliating groups are prevalent tactics in facebook rape too.


What does frape mean on facebook – who are the the frapists and frapees?

Frapists are the people who conduct the facebook rape and frapee are the victim of the action. Usually, those people are closely related and the act of fraping is just for fun to have a good laugh about it. Typical scenario is that a person leaves the computer unattended while the friends are still around. Out of boredom, the one absent from the scene would become a victim. Beware of your roomies too if you are sharing with your college mate, boyfriend or girlfriend because propinquity would make you an easy target. If those people love pranks, keep an eye on them and log out even you are away for little while when you go to the loo. Else, you may regret it after coming back from the toilet.

On the other hand, frape may happen to strangers too. You may be punished for your carelessness after using a computer in public places. The next user of the computer would decide your fate and people do things in anonymously, they simply have gut to do anything and you would suffer. Leaving your facebook account logged in while leaving the library in a rush is probably not a good idea nowadays.


Have you been fraped before? What was your scenario and how did it happen? Share your experience here. 

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