How to hack facebook password using inspect element?

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How to hack facebook password using inspect element – The condition to frape someone is to wait for the opportunity for the victim to carelessly leave the facebook signed in. This kind of chance is slim if the facebook user is extremely cautious. What is a more sophisticated way to hack the account professionally but not tedious wait for the chance to arrive?


How to hack facebook password using inspect element – reveal password by changing input type

You do not have to acquire good programming skill to do the trick. The prank can only be done if the victim did save the password in the computer. Then you can just log in and do your prank but the idea is to know the password too. However, password is often concealed using dots or asterisks. If you cannot read it, future prank would be hard but if you can dig the actual value out, you can pull the prank anytime, anywhere. What you need to do is to follow the instructions below:

  1. Open facebook on the victim’s computer.
  2. If the victim saves the password to ease login each and every time, you can see the email but the password is concealed by asterisks or dots.
  3. Highlight the password or click on the password text box.
  4. Right click and select ‘Inspect element’. The bottom web developing window will appear.
  5. Look for ‘input type=”password”’ in the highlighted region. Right click and select ‘Edit as HTML’.
  6. Delete the word ‘password’ and replace it with the word ‘text’. ‘Password’ is the input type which controls the display to show only dots or asterisks. Changing it to ‘text’ will remove the hiding of password and show the actual value.
  7. That’s it! Jot down the password and pull wicked pranks anytime anywhere you want!

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