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Facebook ghost profile prank – Want to scare your friends or siblings the hell off on facebook? Searching high and low for horror related materials for Halloween? you have come to the right place.


Facebook ghost profile prank – Introducing Sin Thai Studio scary facebook profile: Alrena Roushe's Profile

This is a facebook profile link prank. Post the link on your facebook profile status on Halloween’s day: http://tinyurl.com/cfkzx48. I have shorten the URL for you so that it does not look suspicious. You do not want it to look fishy. If possible, put some attractive comment for the link to capture more audience. What the link does is to bring you to a facebook profile page which looks rather terrifying. That’s the point because you want to create a frightening environment to instill fear in the viewers. There are plenty of scary photos with a horrifying pic of a baby as profile picture.

If you think that is all, then you are wrong. The profile is not just a gloomy one but there are tricks behind it. All those texts and photos are just a prelude. The animation will not be triggered that fast. After you are desensitized with ‘nothing happens’ for a minute or so, the real show will kick in. The baby will open the eyes out of the blue and a big head will break through the profile page with a loud terrifying scream via flash animation to make you jizz in your pants.

If you want, you can put some instructions but make sure you make it sound implicit enough to reduce suspicion. If the viewers are expecting something from start, it will be no fun. Just ask the viewers to read the posts and the pictures then have a glimpse on the profile picture (where the baby’s eyes will open). Also, ask them to put some comment after reading. All the links are not clickable but text can be entered in status update space. Who knows that when the viewers are focused in writing or pressing the shared button when the ghost finally appears. The result would be the best.


Facebook ghost profile prank – Introducing Sin Thai Studio game ‘The House’ and ‘The House 2’

If you wonder why there is such a prank profile page, the flash animation was produced by Sin Thai Studio to promote their game ‘The House’ on facebook. After viewing the prank page, you will be redirected to the game. I had tried the game before, both the 1st and 2nd edition of ‘The House’. It is quite a nice pastime on a dreadful night when you are alone. Turn all the lights off and play it all bu yourself. It is quite horrifying playing the game alone but not with companions. Another better quality browser game with ghost theme is ‘Hotel 626’ and that was the best horror browser game I played so far. It even involve video, taking real photo of you and audio (to sing a lullaby to put a baby ghost to sleep and listen for clues of voice in the background to escape from a room). Sadly, the website is closed now so you can only try ‘The House’ to get a taste of a scary flash game. You may watch fan recorded video of ‘Hotel 626’ on Youtube though is you want to know how it was like.


Warning: do not pull this prank on those who suffer from heart problem to avoid accidental heart attack. There is a warning message in the beginning too. 


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