What does YOLO mean in texting?

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YOLO is an abbreviation which stands for ‘You Only Live Once’. It is a shortform widely used on the internet to ask some one to go ahead and do what one wants so that nothing is missed and regretted.

Guy A: You are going to get married tomorrow, congratulation! I am so gonna throw a bachelor party tonight.

Guy B: I am not sure whether I can make it. You know Mary, she don’t like me doing this.

Guy A: So what? Come! YOLO!

What does YOLO mean in texting?

YOLO is a short hand of ‘You Only Live Once’. It is not so common and not many people use it until Drake, a singer and rapper, wrote a song ‘Motto’ and quote YOLO in the lyrics. This acronym can be used as a encouragement for one to just do it without having too much meaningless thoughts. It is also used in context when you do something so that you will not regret it in the future. One good example is to use this when encouraging one to propose to his beloved one before the love slips away.  The section of the lyric of the song ‘Motto’ with the use of YOLO is shown below:

Now she want a photo

You already know though

You only live once, that's the motto, ni--a Yolo

We bout it every day, every day, every day

Like we sitting on the bench, ni--a we don't really play

Every day, every day, f--k what anybody say

Can't seem 'em cause the money in the way

Real ni--a, what's up?

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