What does LMAOnade mean?

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LMAOnade is an interesting way, or you can say it is the lame way, of saying LMAO. LMAOnade originate from the word LMAO and lemonade.

A: (Jumping onto the sofa) Yeepy… ARRRGGGG! I think I just broke my back.

B: Ouch! LMAOnade!

What does lmaonade mean

LMAOnade is created since it sounds much like the word ‘lemonade’. ‘LMAO’ is pronounced nearly the same as ‘Lemo’. LMAO a very common acronym which stands for Laughing My Ass Off. Since a lot of people like to put LMAO as a comment of something which is hilarious, certain people want to stand out from the page and hence ‘LMAOnade’ is used. 

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