FML in facebook slang

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FML is a profanity which stands for ‘F**k My Life’. Depending on the situation, it may express anger and hatred when someone has extreme dissatisfaction in life.

A: Hey, most of us are going clubbing tonight, are you joining us?

B: Nah, I need to go home. Or should I say, my wife need me to go home. You know.

A: Poor you!

B: All of you are gonna have a lot of fun. And me? FML!

FML in facebook slang

FML is a bad word. Life is not a bed of roses and there are plenty tough periods in life inevitably. The moment often drive someone crazy and mad. This is when you use this word to curse about your life and release some steam. Another use of this word is when you face injustice situation or when others take advantage of you but you can do nothing on it. Then FML is used to express that you have a bad unfortunate life than others. 

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