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facebook me
Facebook me here implies a request for someone to connect with me on facebook. It could mean to ask one to contact me for an occasion like a meetup or add me as friend. The origin of this phrase is probably from the movie ‘The Social Network’ about facebook in 2010.

Guy: Hi! Are there any chances that you will be free after this class?

Girl: I am regretful to say but I have an important errand to run later. Sorry. But since tomorrow is Saturday, I might be available. So, facebook me then…

Guy: Sure. 

Facebook me definition

Facebook me is a short way of expressing your will to ask someone to stay connected to you on fb. A longer way to say this is ‘friend me on facebook’ and the longest way of saying this is ‘add me as a friend on facebook’. This phrase is getting popular when the movie ‘The Social Network is released. There was a scene when Eduardo Saverin, one of the facebook co-founders, was invited by an Asian girl called Christy Lee to ‘facebook her’. She was impressed by the facebook made by them. And as predicted, they hooked up on each others since then. 

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