Scary horror prank

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Facebook ghost prank link

I hope you really enjoy the last horror prank in the topic facebook ghost profile prank I shared earlier. Great news! Enough for facebook profile, I have a new scary prank to share here and it is by far the best jump scare comic I have seen. Just share this link on your facebook status: You should go to the link first and try it yourself before reading on to avoid spoilers below.

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Facebook ghost profile prank

Want to scare your friends or siblings the hell off on facebook? Searching high and low for horror related materials for Halloween? you have come to the right place. This is a facebook profile link prank. Post the link on your facebook profile status on Halloween’s day. Introducing Sin Thai Studio scary facebook profile: Alrena Roushe's Profile from ‘The House’ and ‘The House 2’...

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Bongcheon-dong ghost sequel

Having fun with the last post on Bongcheon-dong ghost? Yearn for more? Here comes part 2 of Bongcheon-dong ghost: Ok-su Station Ghost. See here: Check the story out before continue reading and share it to your friends by message or status update post.

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