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LMAO slang dictionary

LMAO originally represents ‘Laughing My Ass Off’. A more friendly version of this is ‘Laughing My Ankle Off’ or ‘Laughing My Arms Off’. Again, these words are meant to describe something really hilarious that you cannot stop laughing on it.

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LMAO funny texts

LMAO stands for ‘Laughing My Ass Off’ or “Laughing My Arse Off’. It is used to describe something really funny. Similar to ROFL, it is a more powerful word than LOL. LOL is simply laughing loudly but if that something is so hilarious, you need a better word to describe your current emotion or mood and hence, the term LMAO kicks in.

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ROFL rolling on the floor laughing

ROFL is a representation of the long-winded version ‘Roll On The Floor Laughing’. If you are to type thewhole phrase out everytime, it will be fairly tedious and tiring. This is why theshortcut is invented. It is one of the many acronyms for laughing, just like ‘LOL’ and ‘LMAO’. Yet, compared to LOL, it is a stronger version since the thing you encounter is so funny that not just you burst out your laughter...

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What does the z stand for in zomg

zOMG is a special acronym. The ‘z’ itself does not represent any word and it is ‘just’ there by mistake. Sounds unbelieveable? It sure does. OMG is so overly used that even the misspelled OMG has become commonly used. Many people type OMG in capital letter since it is an abbreviation or just simply to exaggerate the surprise element.

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LOL lots of love or laugh out loud

It is a bit unusual for LOL to stand for ‘Lots of Love’. It is used to show your love and send your regards to someone, just like writing ‘XOXO’ in SMS texting or chat conversation. Since ‘Laugh Out Loud’ is way more common, it may lead to some misunderstanding in certain situations.

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Internet short forms lol

Just like popular abbreviations such as ‘LMAO’, ‘WTF, ‘ROFL’, etc., ‘LOL’ is by far one of the most widely used term on the internet. Why is it so famous? The reason is simple: it is easy to remember and the use case is very broad. You can actually type in LOL as a reply or comment regardless what the question or statement is.

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WTF other abbreviations

Using WTF to represent ‘Why The Face’ is unusual since the common representation is ‘What The F**k’. It may get very confusing if both are probabale definitions. Why is this variant created? Well, it is a safer version for childrens and little kids. It is also quoted in the an American comedy ‘Modern Family’ when the word WTF is mistakenly interpreted as ‘Why The Face’.

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WTF means welcome to facebook

You can say that WTF on fb means ‘Welcome To Facebook’although it is not invented for that. Just that it happens that ‘What The F**k’ and ‘Welcome To Facebook’ both have the same starting alphabets coincidentally. This is how the term is born, in some jokes but not that widely used since the application is much more limited.

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Text meaning of wtf

WTF is a usual acronyms that you can see everyday. It turns so common nowadays. Yes, it is a vulgarity. Its usage is extremely wide. Typically, it is used when bad things happen. It is also been used when you want to curse of swear someone with profanity. Some people even used it to put in front of any action to emphasize like ‘WTF are you doing?’ or ‘WTF did he say?’.

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Using props meaning

Props mean tools. Its full words is ‘property’. When we say ‘stage props’ or ‘party props’, it implies the tools and things that we made and use on a stage or in a dancing party.

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