Mark Zuckerberg list of achievements

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Mark Zuckerberg list of achievements – Below is a list of success story and awards of the facebook cofounder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg:


Mark Zuckerberg list of achievements – the legend of facebook

In high school years, Mark Zuckerberg was already excel in software programming and he created a communication system called ZuckNet to be used by his father, Edward Zuckerberg in his home and office. He also made Synapse Media Player which attracts big companies like Microsoft and AOL to buy from him but he did not sell it to them but upload it as freeware.

In 2003, he created facemash which is sort of a hot or not game to him. Its growth was expanding out of hand and was closed in just a few days. Yet, it is a good inspiration to him that social network might be one bid thing.

In 2004, he launched theFacebook from his bedroom in Harvard and was gaining popularity in rapid pace.

In 2005, his operation expanded and ‘the’ is dropped from the name and it is called facebook instead- a much simpler name to remember.

In 2006, facebook is finally open to everyone around the world. Before this, facebook initially invited only Harvard and certain colleges to join.


Mark Zuckerberg list of achievements – a wealthy and techno guy

Mark Zuckerberg is ranked 36th in Forbes 400 and 35th in Forbes Billionaires while he is 16th in United States. He is also ranked number 9 as world’s powerful people. Indeed, facebook is really ‘something’ and it change the way the whole world connects in the World Wide Web and hence, it gets to become the most popular social network in the world.

In 2009, facebook was awarded the Crunchie for Best Overall Startup or Product Of 2009 by by GigaOm, VentureBeat, and TechCrunch.

In 2010, Mark Zuckerberg was awarded as 2010 Person of the Year in TIME, an American news magazine. TIME is a famous weekly magazine with the largest circulation in the world and it was an honor for him to be featured as the cover person.  

In 2011, Mark Zuckerberg was the top guy in Fortune's '40 Under 40' list. 40 gentlemen are selected and he triumphed over his rival Larry Page, co-founder and CEO of Google, who is positioned at second place, and Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter, who is positioned at 9th.


Mark Zuckerberg list of achievements – rise and falls in 2012

2012 is the year which has many changes to Mark Zuckerberg. On the instance when facebook IPO is released this year, his net worth was inflated and fluctuated at 20 billion.

However, there is a recent drop in facebook stock after IPO is released and unfortunately, he has dropped out of the top 10 tech billionaires list. To quote:

Zuckerberg’s fortune fell by $423 million on Thursday to $10.2 billion. That puts him $400 million behind James Goodnight, the co-founder of SAS Institute, the new number 10 on the $21 billion when the company went public in May. Zuckerberg owns 503.6 million shares of his company including 60 million options with an exercise price of $.06 a share. He also has $150 million in cash and other liquid assets, Bloomberg reports. 

Moreover, he has also been sifted out from top 40 in Bloomberg Billionaire index and his net worth is currently $12.1 billion USD which is lesser than Lakshmi N. Mittal who has an estimate of 17 billion net worth.

Having said that, Zuckerberg is not really a person who enjoys the luxury in his life, but is motivated by his work. He spent most of his time in the office. He lives in ordinary apartment and even sleeps on a mattress on the floor. So it might seem that he does not require extra cash to spend on and being a billionaire who has made significant change to the world that alone already sounds awesome to me and all his supporters.


Mark Zuckerberg is awarded CIA Surveillance Medal? That is truly a prank and sarcasm of how facebook works. People share private information on the web and that’s how this story is made up. A cool parody news video to watch though since they put a lot of effort creating it: