Mark Zuckerberg contact information

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Mark Zuckerberg contact information - how to contact Mark Zuckerberg? Since he is a founder and CEO of Facebook, Inc, with revenue of US$ 3.71 billionin 2011, it is definitely not an easy task to reach such a person. He cannot simply entertain each and every of us. However, you can try your luck with various means below:


Mark Zuckerberg contact information - phone, email and postal contact

Zuckerberg does share some of his basic profile information on his official facebook page: He stays in Palo Alto, California and his hometown is Dobbs Ferry, New York. If you are to send him a mail to his postal address, you can use the physical address: 1456 Edgewood Dr.Palo Alto, California 94303.

Mark Zuckerberg contact number? I do not think he shares it that easily, or else his phone will be ringing 24/7. Try to get him via email address. His official facebook email is Some suggest contact him via his facebook: Messaging him and he will reply sometimes.


Mark Zuckerberg contact information - How to contact Mark Zuckerberg alternatively

If you cannot get to him, you can try contacting other facebook executives like Christopher Cox, David Ebersman, Lori Goler, or Jonathan G. Heiliger:


There are considerable information on Mark Zuckerberg revealed in the following website too: